October 1st, 2023 - WILD APPLE TASTING BOX


**THIS ORDER SHIPS ON October 1st, 2023**

Notice: This order is for a box of WILD APPLES. We forage our apples by hand from a mountainside - not an apple orchard. The apples are not sprayed nor is there any type of pest management. The apples are not covered in artificial waxes for shipping.  The apples will arrive exactly as they are found in the forest setting; various odd-shapes and colors, they might have skin conditions like russetting or weather marks, there might be internal worm marks and might arrive with some bruising. They are WILD, the exact opposite of orchard fruit. This is how we want you to experience them.

Hand selected and hand packed box of Wild Apples. This box is 7x7x3 and holds about 1-1.5 pounds of wild apples depending on size and variability in the apples.

By purchasing a box of Wild Apples you are supporting the vision of Red Kill Mountain Homestead Farms, which is to bring natural and wild fruit to the marketplace. The consumer perception of "perfect fruit" is out of date and out of touch and costly to the environment and farmers. We believe in protecting the wild spaces that gave birth to our apple forest, and this box is doing just that! Also, save the seeds!