**Pre-orders expected to ship on Sept 15, 2022**

Inspired by the diet of Black Bears themselves!

Hand selected and hand packed box of Wild Apples. This box is 12x9x3 and holds about 2.5-3 pounds of wild apples depending on size and variability in the apples.

We do not recommend any particular diet, detox, or cleanse, but plenty of information exists on the internet for you to check out. Cleansing is a totally natural way to detox the body, but again, you do at your own risk, or speak to a Doctor before partaking in any cleanse or detox.

Our Wild Apples come from our private land in the Catskill Mountain of New York State. The trees are from seedling and the varieties are endless; textures, colors, shapes, sizes, tastes, sugars, acids, tannins, they are all there in one box! Just a heads up, the fruit is imperfect! Perfectly imperfect fruit that comes straight from nature, no middle-man.

By purchasing a box of Wild Apples you are supporting the vision of Red Kill Mountain Homestead Farms, which is to bring natural and wild fruit to the marketplace. The consumer perception of "perfect fruit" is out of date and out of touch and costly to the environment and farmers. We believe in protecting the wild spaces that gave birth to our apple forest, and this box is doing just that!

We hope you enjoy the experience of eating wild fruit!

If you have any questions, please contact us.