Red Kill Mountain Homestead Farms is the first and only known merchant of wild, feral, or old homestead apples to the market as edible, fresh eating apples. Our apples have never been sprayed, irrigated or manipulated. They are truly wild, often from seed, and are completely natural fruits.
Based in the Catskill Mountains of New York State, our mission is to preserve and protect the lifeways of the generations before us. We have no reason to believe the homestead life was an easy life but that the combination of foraging, hunting, and agriculture, is much more in tune with nature than our current system.
Our product line is based on the preservation of wild fruit, namely apples, which we happen to have an abundance of. In 2019, we launched our food product line that honors and cherishes the wild apple and the homestead lifeways.
Founders Matthew Trattner and Ashley Rossi consider themselves to be stewards of these lands in Delaware County, New York. We sincerely hope you enjoy learning about and experiencing our efforts to preserve the wild apples.