During the times in American history when sugar was rare or too expensive homestead farmers would make maple syrup and apple molasses, both used as sweeteners to stick their pantry for the long winter months. Why is using indigenous sweeteners like maple syrup and apple molasses important? These sweeteners are local, high quality, and sustainable products from our landscape.

Apple Molasses is listed on the endangered foods list and went out of fashion because sugar eventually became cheaper and cheaper. Every year more sugar products enter the market, including the now popular sugar alcohols.

Maple syrup is another awesome sweetener because it is simply so good! Maple syrup represents the renewal of the forests from deep freeze to the earliest flowers of the maple trees for the native pollinators.

Don't deprive yourself of the real sugars made directly from nature!

The vision behind Red Kill Mountain Homestead Farms is inspired by the land we steward in Delaware County, New York. This area was once occupied by many homestead farmers living off the land. While we have no reason to believe this was an easy life, we do believe this was a life much more in balance with the seasons and the harmony of nature.